What’s the secret to creating a vision board that works?

Create a vision board that reflects how you want to feel, not just things you want. Of course we want stuff!  But the more your board focuses on how you want to feel, the more you will manifest.

I crave the feeling of quiet “me” time, so I chose images of women doing yoga, alone on the beach. I don’t specifically want to do yoga on the beach, but I want to feeling the image evokes.

I also included words, like “peaceful” and sentences or affirmations, like “take time to rest”.

Why do Vision Boards work? 

Vision Boards are multi-sensory — words, ideas, and feeling –which helps us connect emotionally to our goals.

What should I put on my vision board?

Instead of thinking of what you want and looking for images to match, find a random stack of magazines and whatever draws your attention, tear it out, no questions asked.  Challenge yourself to look through magazines you don’t usually read.  The idea is to allow your subconscious to lead the way rather than consciously directing the board.

Once you have a stack of images, lay them out, and again, without judgment, just notice.  Are they images you expected or different?  Are their certain themes or colors?  What feeling do you get when you look at it?

Should I have one main vision board, or a bunch of small ones?

I have one vision board.  Each area of our lives affect each other, so starting with one central vision board makes sense for me. However, some people prefer boards that center on specifics — like a career board at your desk space can help you work towards that promotion.

How often should I re-do my vision board?

Whenever it feels right. I leave blank space on my board and add and rearrange during the year. Then, every December, I give the board a total refresh to get clear about what I want in the new year. Some things stay and some have served their purpose and don’t make the cut.  You’ll know what’s right for you.

What you’ll need:

  • Cork board or poster board.
  • Scissors, tape, pins, and/or a glue-stick to put your board together.
  • Markers, stickers, or anything else you want to deck out your board.
  • Magazines that you can cut images and quotes from.
  • Anything you want to look at every day – Photos, quotes, sayings, images of places you want to go, or anything that will inspire you.
  • Give yourself an hour or two to complete your board. If you want, invite you friends over and make a party out of it.

Dr. Janet Fienemann is a Coach and Psychotherapist helping women (in-person & online) master their thoughts and emotions; kick destructive relationship patterns, anxiety and self-doubt to the curb; and finally create the life they truly desire.   To contact Dr. Janet or to work with her one-on-one or through her signature program, Rock Your Life, please contact her at  https://drjanetfienemann.com.  She would love to hear from you.